Voiced by Alan Rosenburg
First appearance Hercules (TV series) (1998-1999)
Last appearance Hercules (TV series) (1998-1999)
Race Olympian God
Gender Male
Occupation The God of the Winds
Residence Mount Olympus

Boreas is the Greek god of the cold north wind, and the bringer of winter. His name means "North Wind" or "Devouring One". In Greek mythology, Boreas is depicted as being very strong, with a violent temper to match. He is the eldest of the four Anemoi (wind gods), and brother of Eurus, Notus and Zephyrus, the gods of the east, south and west winds. In the Hercules animated series, he is voiced by Alan Rosenberg.


Power and AbilitiesEdit

As a god, Boreas possesses the natural powers and abilities of an Olympian god such as immortality, omnipresence, vast strength, and the potential to do magic such as the ability to shape-shift, to teleport, and to manifest objects. As the God of the North Wind, he controls the wind, and transforms himself into wind or a powerful tornado when angered.


Aladdin: The Animated SeriesEdit

"Hercules and the Spartan Experience"Edit

Adonis is drafted into the Spartan ROTC, and begs Hercules to save him. Boreas, who has a long-running feud with Ares, attempts to disrupt the proceedings. At the end of the episode Hercules traps him inside a giant metal pipe.

"Hercules and the Tiff on Olympus"Edit

Boreas is only seen from behind very briefly when the Gods call a meeting.


  • His appearance in the series differs greatly from that of the original mythology. Boreas was frequently shown as a winged old man with shaggy hair and beard, holding a conch shell and wearing a billowing cloak. Aside from the cloak, he lacked all the other features. His Roman name is Aquilo.
  • Boreas is the eldest of the four Anemoi (wind gods). None of the others appear in the animated series.
  • In the mythology, Boreas fell in love with an Athenian princess called Orithyia. She did not appear in the series.