Voiced by Tom Arnold
First appearance Hercules (film) (1997)
Last appearance Hercules (TV series) (1998-1999)
Race Olympian God
Gender Male
Occupation The God of the Love
Residence Mount Olympus
Cupid as a baby.
Father Ares
Mother Aphrodite
Brothers Phobos
Wife Psyche
Grandfather Zeus
Grandmother Hera
Great-grandfather Cronus
Great-grandmother Rhea
Uncles Bacchus
Aunts Athena
First cousins Pan

Cupid (known in Greek as Eros) is the Olympian God of love and passion whose main duty is to inspire love in others by shooting them with his magic arrows which can make anyone fall in love with the first person they see.

Physical appearanceEdit

In the film Cupid appears as a tall, teenage God with fuchsia colored skin and angelic wings, but in the non-canon animated series he is portrayed as a short, over weight, pink-skinned man with tiny wings and wearing a diaper. He also has a thin mustache and a gap in his teeth. A theory for this could be that he like his family the Olympians, are know to shapeshift, and if that's the case the animated version could be a transformation, and the film version of him could be his true form.


Hercules (TV series)Edit

Hercules and the Long NightmareEdit

In this episode, it was revealed that originally Cupid was originally intended to be the God of War while Ares was going to be God of Passion, however due to Cupid's inability to even pick up a sword and Ares' violent nature, Zeus changed his mind and switched their positions thus giving Cupid his true purpose.

Hercules and the BacchanalEdit

When Hercules needed to raise Phil's Island from the bottom of the sea after Poseidon sunk it he made a deal with Poseidon to bring him some eye cream in exchange for raising the island, in order to do this he visited the multi-eyed monster Argus Panoptes who lives at the foot of Mount Olympus as he possesses large quantities of the cream, but Argus wants one of Cupid's love arrows so he can get a date for Saturday night. Cupid however wants to exchange his arrows for something that will help him forget Aphrodite's annoying theme song so Hermes suggested to give him some Lethean water from the Pool of Forgetfulness, and through a series of misadventures Cupid finally receives his water and forgets Aphrodite's cursed theme song, sadly he also forgets and realizes with some shock and humiliation that he wears a diaper.

Hercules and the Comedy of ArrowsEdit

When Icarus wants to break up Cassandra and Melampus, he steals one of Cupid's defective loathe arrows to make her hate Melampus.


Cherubs are small angelic beings who aid Cupid in spreading love. They also act as servants to the Gods on Mount Olympus. They are all infant-like in appearance and they tend to speak in a whimsical manner.

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