Egypt Gods
הרקולס 24

The Egyptian Gods are the ruling divinity of Egypt.

Physical AppearanceEdit

The physical appearance of the Egyptian Gods seem to more animalistic than human, especially when compared to the Norse Gods and Olympian Gods. Male deities were seen to dress more revealing than that of typical appearances of other Pantheons.

Egyptian GodsEdit

Powers & abilitiesEdit

Being deities, it is assumed that the Egyptian Pantheon possess:

  • immortality
  • magics including shape-shifting and life-giving (seen able to alter their physical sizes to titanic proportions)
  • teleportation
  • superhuman strengths
  • utilizing divine powers for offensive objections; e.g. energy projections and enhancing their body parts and items


  • In the episode, Ra was the only one among Egyptian Gods to speak and don't sound animal-like.
  • Egyptian Gods weren't glowing all the time like the Olympian Pantheon in the film.
  • It is rather vague whether Egyptian Gods in this episode can be counted as villains.
  • It is unknown what happened to them after the defeat, and whether the Egyptian and Olympian Pantheons know each other.
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