Voiced by Jim Cummings
First appearance Hercules (film) (1997)
Last appearance Hercules (film) (1997)
Race Titan
Gender Male
Occupation The Titan of the Lava
Titan Master of Flame
Titan God of Flame
Titan Lord of Flame
Titan Steward of Flame
Titan King of Flame
Title Lord of Flame
The Prime Evil
Steward of Flame
God of Flame
King of Flame
He Who Is Flame
Master of Flame
Archtitan of Flame
Hand of Flame
Flame Incarnate
Embodiment of Flame
Flame of the Lava
The Great Flame
Lord over all Flame
King over all Flame
Patriarch over all Flames
Residence Prison at Tartarus (in the past)
Brothers Lythos

Pyros the Lord of Flame is one of the four fictional Titans that Hades sets free in Hercules.


Physical DescriptionEdit

Pyros is a hunchbacked mass of lava and molten rock with glowing yellow eyes. Being made of lava, he can melt things with any part of his body. He can also belch lava from his mouth.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

  • Immortality
  • Superhuman Strength
  • Lava Generation

Personality Edit

Pyros is very destructible like the rest of the Titans, but less dumb.



Pyros is released along with three other Titans by Hades and had commanded to destroy the Olympus Coliseum.

But luckily, Pyros is defeated when Hercules uses Stratos to suck up Pyros and the other two Titans and then flings Stratos and the others into outer space where they exploded destroying them forever.

His name seems to refer to the Greek word "πυρ" which means "fire".


  • Although Pyros has yet to make a physical appearance in the Kingdom Hearts games, he did make a cameo on the Titan Cup from Kingdom Hearts II, alongside his fellow Titans. Pyros also briefly appeared in the Kingdom Hearts manga representation of the series; however, he is merely referred to as the Lava Colossus.
  • In the CD-Rom version, Pyros tried to keep Hercules from freeing Poseidon, and When Hercules reached Poseidon, the Water God flung a Sphere of Water at Pyros, cooling Him into Volcanic Rock.
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