The Titans were a race of gods who ruled the world before the Olympian Gods. Their leader was Cronus, but when Hades released them from prison Tartarus, he became their new leader. Titans fell from power after they lost the war against the Olympian Gods. Titans represent the chaos rule the world, as the Olympian Gods represent the rule of order in the world.


In the beginning, when the world was new, there was Gaia ("Mother Earth") Ancient Goddess of the Earth. She was the first generation of Gods. Then, she gave birth to a new generation of Gods, the Titans. They all included the following: Cronus, Stratos, Hydros, Pyros, Lythos, Cyclops, Atlas, Prometheus, Typhon, Echidna, Antaeus, Briareos, Helios, and Hecate. They were gigantic brutes, who ran amok. The world was a disgusting place at the time. Where chaos regined, and where earthquakes and volcanoes never slept. But then, Zeus, son of Cronus, hurled his thunderbolt, and defeated the Titans. Lythos, Hydros, Pyros, Stratos, and Cyclops were imprisoned in the seas of the Underworld. Cronus, their king, was trap in an unknown region of the Underworld. Typhon was sealed away under Mount Etna. Atlas was cursed by the Olympian Gods to forever hold up the Sky at the Edge of the World. Prometheus was chained to a mountain in the Underworld, where the Caucasian Eagle would feast on his liver, every day. However, Antaeus, Briareos, Echidna, Helios, and Hecate were spared from eternal punishment. But some Titans, including: Antaeus and Echidna, still hold hard feelings towards the Olympian Gods.

List of the TitansEdit

  • Antaeus - Half-Titan and half-Titan. Son of Gaia.
  • Atlas - Muscular human-like Titan. Son of Gaia.
  • Briareos - "Hundred Handed One". Powerful Giant. Son of Gaia.
  • Cronus - "Former Ruler of the Universe". Son of Gaia and father of Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades.
  • Cyclops - Fat, pink cyclops-like creature/Titan. Son of Gaia.
  • Echidna - "Mother of All Monsters". Daughter of Gaia, wife of Typhon.
  • Hecate - Demigoddess of witchcraft, magic, and the Night. She is also a Titan. Daughter of Gaia.
  • Helios - Titan that embodies the Sun, former Sun God, and Titan God of the Sun. Son of Gaia.
  • Hydros - "The Lurker". Physical manifestation of water. Skeletal Titan made completely out of ice. Son of Gaia.
  • Lythos - "The Mountain King". Physical manifestation of Earth.Two-headed Titan made completely out of rock. Son of Gaia.
  • Prometheus - Kindly human-like Titan. Son of Gaia.
  • Pyros - "The Lord of the Flame". Physical manifestation of fire. Blob-like Titan made completely out of lava. Son of Gaia.
  • Stratos - "The Mystic Voice". Physical manifestation of air. Tornado-like Titan made completely out of air. Son of Gaia.
  • Typhon - "Father of All Monsters". Red, five-headed, dragon-like Titan. Son of Gaia, husband of Echidna.
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